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Octo Hot Topic – Bonds: Inflation vs Deflation. What is the biggest threat?

Event originally broadcast on BrightTalk and organised by Octo Members.

It’s the big macro topic of today which has huge implications for investment markets, especially fixed income. So, is all the additional stimulus brought on by the Covid pandemic likely to lead to greater inflationary pressures, or are economic hardships, demographics, and technological progress going to be deflationary forces?

However you invest, the inflationary picture is something you must consider, so make sure you join our expert panel as we analyse the key arguments on both sides that will shape markets going forward.

Our expert panel this week comprises of:-
Ian Williams, CEO, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers & lead manager of the Charteris Strategic Bond Fund
Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios, AJ Bell,
Harry Richards, Fund Manager, Jupiter Asset Management and
Adrian Hull, Head of UK Fixed Income, Aegon Asset Management


The views expressed in this video represent the views of the speakers at the time of recording and should not be interpreted as financial / investment advice