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Kitco TV Interview – Mines and Money 2018

Gold Is Plagued By Disinterest – UK Top Fund Manager

Interviewed on Kitco News at Mines and Money 2018 event in New York, CEO of Charteris Ian Williams,, one of the best performing funds in the U.K. across all sectors, noted that the precious metals space has been plagued by investor disinterest over the last few years, but may see renewed interest now at a time when equities over at an all time high and are overvalued.
Williams’ precious metals fund is weighted 65% in silver miners, and avoids stocks in the top and bottom tiers.
“We tend to meet the companies we invest in, because we want updates on what they’re doing,” Williams told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Mines & Money New York conference.
“We don’t buy the large cap miners like Barrick, most of those big ones have got declining production profiles, and we don’t buy the small exploration companies because we think the risks far outweigh the rewards,” he said.