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Ian Williams on investment outlook for Gold, Mines and Money webinar, June 2019

Ian Williams Mines and Money Webinar June 2019

What is the outlook for gold equities vs gold equity ETFs; gold bullion vs commodity ETFs in 2019? Within gold equities where does the greatest value opportunity lie? Juniors, mid-tiers or majors? And which factors should you consider when investing in gold?

In this webinar, which took place on Tuesday 18th June 2019, Mines and Money Head of Content sat down with three London-based gold and precious fund managers to discuss these issues.

– Angelos Damaskos, Chief Executive Officer, Sector Investment Managers
– Keith Watson, Portfolio Manager, CQS
– Ian Williams, Chairman, Chief Executive, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers, Manager of the HC Charteris Gold & Precious Metals fund