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Charteris appoint Host Capital as new ACD

As of the 17 December 2016 Host Capital has been appointed as Authorised Corporate Director of
the following Charteris Funds:

HC Charteris Premium Income Fund (formerly The Elite Charteris Premium Income Fund)
HC Charteris Global Macro Fund (formerly FP Charteris Global Macro Fund)
HC Charteris Property Fund (formerly FP Charteris Property Fund)

As a result of this we would like to advise you of the following operational changes:

The address for postal communications has been changed to:
Host Capital Limited
PO Box 9142
BH21 9HQ

For enquires regarding your current or potential investment please email or telephone 01202 802 900.

For investors placing orders via EMX the funds will be listed under Host Capital, the
participant code is HOSCL.

Settlement details for investments has changed and can be found on page 2 of the fund
application form. All fund documentation can be obtained from the Host Capital website

Client account numbers and any agency codes remain the same and there is no change to your
holdings in the fund.

If you have any queries regarding the change please contact the customer services team via one
of the methods detailed above quoting your account number.