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Gold buyers can still make profits as interest rates go nowhere, says top fund managers

Daily Mail article written by Jeff Prestridge focusing on the Gold markets

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His bullish view is shared by Ian Williams, manager of the Charteris Treasury Gold & Precious Metals Fund. He believes that the price of gold could hit £1,750 an ounce by the end of the year. 

He says the price will be driven up by strong seasonal demand and continued uncertainty over the outlook for the global economy. 

The Charteris fund has 25 holdings in mining companies. Among its biggest stakes are FTSE100-listed companies Fresnillo and Polymetal. 

Williams believes commodity prices generally could be on the cusp of a ‘major new bull market’ with price increases for metals fuelled in part by the transition from petrol to electric cars. 

Over the last year, the Charteris fund has generated a return of 60 per cent.  

Article first appeared in the Daily Mail on 11 July 2020 (link opens a new page)